10 Reasons Fit People are Having Better Sex

If you want better sex then you want to hit the gym. There are a number of reasons this helps. If you don’t believe us, then read through this list of 10 great reasons to hit the gym.

Studies have shown the connection between how people feel about their body image and their own sexual satisfaction. Have a good look at yourself and ask yourself how you feel about what you see:

  • How do you feel about your body image, whether your clothed or naked?
  • Are you happy with how much you weigh?
  • Do you pick apart your appearance?
  • Do you feel physically and mentally healthy?

If you’re fit and healthy, then you’re likely already having great sex. There might not be any need to actually explain why people who are fitter are having better sex, but no doubt you are curious about it. However, if you’re committed to getting fit in the future, then here are 10 more reasons to hit the gym each day with a great big smile.

#1 Fit Bodies are More Attractive

Fit Body is more Attractive
Fit Body is more Attractive

Let’s face it; if you’re working out then you likely have a gym crush of your own on that ripped guy or the fit chick that kills it in the gym each and every day. You might even be inspired to get in better shape to impress them. They could be the very reason you go harder in the gym. Not to mention they make you want to stay in the gym for a little longer so you could get a better look at them. No doubt they have an incredible body of their very own.

People are more attracted to partners that are fit in their appearance and their persona. This likely comes from our inbuilt desire to find a mate that is likely to provide us with strong, healthy, and robust offspring. As is the case with most human passions, the drive is given to us unconsciously and it’s a very powerful impulse.

If you’re on the hunt for love, then the best place to start is by exercising to boost your physique and physical appearance. Doing this might even make you the fit person that others stay around in the gym longer to see, and it increases your chance of getting a date and being a hit in the bedroom.

#2 Physical Activity Creates and Releases Sex Hormones

The great feeling that you get from exercising is caused by the chemical reactions going on in your body thanks to the release of dopamine; the chemical that makes you feel great. Your body will release dopamine to let you know that it enjoys whatever it is that you’re doing. This could be caused by a certain food, to sex, or just about anything in between.

Exercising regularly is also known to boost dopamine levels. Dopamine is beneficial in a number of ways for the body. One of these ways is to suppress your appetite. That helps give you a healthy body image by helping you lose weight. It’s also linked to orgasms. Having a bigger and better orgasm keeps both people interested and active with each other sexually.

#3 You’re More Confident and in Love with your Body

Being physically fit makes you have better self-esteem and improves your body image
Being physically fit makes you have better self-esteem and improves your body image

If you’ve ever succeeded with a fitness journey, whether that was bulking up or slimming down, you’ve no doubt noticed that people start treating you differently. They respond to you differently. It can be maddening really. At the same time though it also makes you feel empowered. You love your body the most when you are at the height of the fitness journey. Loving your body makes you incredibly confident.

Being physically fit makes you have better self-esteem and improves your body image. This means you are more confident and willing to engage in sex with people, and elevates how you feel about yourself as well. If you’re the kind of person who is so confident in how you look that you can have sex with the lights on, you can be sure that you’ll have a much better sexual experience.

#4 Exercise Boosts Energy Levels, Giving You More for Later

If you’re physically fit then you’ll have boosted cardiovascular health, energy levels, and flexibility. This has some benefits for the bedroom as well. A man is good in bed when he has strength and stamina, and a woman who has flexibility can be manipulated into incredible positions that really give you a night you won’t soon forget.

People who are less physically active and are out of shape are known to be less interested in having sex and less motivated during the process itself. They get tired out too quickly, and have a reduced sex drive and stamina level compared to people who are working out. Strength and energy are needed to have great sex, especially if both partners want to have a similar sexual experience.

#5 Your Body Doesn’t Give Out when It Gets Heavy

Nothing ruins the moment quite like your body giving out on you. Imagine if you were getting stuck right into things and it’s all getting great, then you have a muscle spasm rather than the desired orgasm you were hoping for.

Exercising is great for overall health. Being fit and active conditions your muscles and improves joint health. If you’re able to perform pushing and pulling exercises, squats, ab exercises, and deadlifts that cause you to work from the body, then you should have no problem having great sex. Think of being able to go an hour in the gym as an insurance policy that guarantees you can perform at your peak in the bedroom.

#6 Improved Sensitivity and Responsiveness

Working out has made your man fit and also improved his sexual function, giving him a better orgasm.
Working out has made your man fit and also improved his sexual function, giving him a better orgasm.

Working out has made your man fit and also improved his sexual function, giving him a better orgasm.

Regular exercising comes with a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to sex and improving your sense of well-being. Exercising routinely improves the responsiveness and the sensitivity of the automatic nervous system, which is a key part of sexual arousal and performance. It also plays an important part in the regulation of anxiety and mood.

Ladies in particular can’t afford to lose here. Exercise releases endorphins to make you feel better. You’re feeling great and you’re feeling good about your body as you leave the gym. Your body has been primed for sexual activity thanks to the exercise and you’re going home to a fit man. Working out has made your man fit and also improved his sexual function, giving him a better orgasm. There’s no need to go into details, but let’s just say that this creates a happy couple.

Exercise makes you more responsive and sensitive to sexually activity, especially if you work out on a regular basis. The moral of this story is that fit couples work and play together very well, and it’s because of this improved responsiveness and sensitivity that both parties get a lot more enjoyment out of sex.

#7 Testosterone is Boosted for Both Sexes

Suffering from low testosterone causes low sex drive in both men and women. A reduction in sex drive reduces the pleasure one gets from sex. The good news is that exercise is one of the best ways to boost testosterone and the cure for what ails you.

Testosterone levels increase for both men and women no matter what exercise they perform, and testosterone is the fuel of the sex drive. The only drawback is that it takes consistency in the gym. You couldn’t go just once a week and expect to get a boost just for the day you want it.

#8 Exercise Helps Men and Women Avoid Sexual Dysfunction

A lot of men have heard the phrase “use it or lose it”. This can be true when it comes to sex. Men who only have sex once a week or less are most at risk of developing erectile dysfunction. You may genuinely be losing it if you aren’t using it regularly. Well, you may lose your ability to use it anyway.

As you improve your self-image and how you feel about yourself, you’re more likely to want to have sex, which is healthy for everyone. This means that you need to be fit enough to do it properly. Making going to the gym part of your normal routine also makes having sex part of your normal routine.

That women lose interest in sex and develop sexual dysfunction is hardly a mystery. The prime of women is during their teens and early 20’s. They have children, gain weight, and lose confidence in their appearance. They start coming up with excuses and avoid sex because of all of this. Much like with men, this lack of stimulation will cause the body to assume that sex is no longer needed. This causes it to reduce sex hormone levels, and utterly destroy your sex life.

The good news is that this can be fixed. Exercising increases genital arousal for healthy women. This is likely caused by increasing activity in the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). The SNS is one of the automatic nervous systems of the body regulating body functions such as heart rate and arousal.

Exercise levels are connected to arousal because exercising gets your heart rate up and improves blood flow across the whole body. This includes sending blood to all the areas needed for sexual stimulation.

If it’s not obvious by now; exercising solves these problems. Being fit and getting to the gym renews your body image and confidence while boosting sex drive. It could also save your relationship because you’re also working out your sex muscles.

#9 You Need a Healthy Heart for Sexual Activity

There’s no denying what kind of impact exercising up to 30 minutes a day for three or four days a week could do to your sex life. Heart health is necessary for sexual activity. If you don’t have a healthy heart then you likely aren’t interested in – or good at – having sex.

So how do we keep the heart healthy? Cardio is the answer. Cardio exercise is useful for reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications in sexual activity, especially in patients with cardiovascular disease. If you’re young and feel you don’t need to worry about getting cardiovascular disease, then you should know that taking care of your body now and exercising prevents future problems. If you exercise now and keep at it, you’ll keep your body functioning properly and looking great on every level.

If you’re looking to enjoy sex not just now, but when you get older – including up to your 60s and 70s – then you need to be taking care of your body now. How much you exercise now is reflected in your overall health in the future; good or bad.

#10 It Eliminates Stress

gym has been shown to be the best stress reliever

Hitting the gym has been shown to be the best stress reliever there is.

The libido of a woman is more influenced by stress than a man’s, but if a woman doesn’t have much of a libido it can affect you too. If you want your woman to go down then she has to have no stress. Otherwise she’s going to be stuck thinking about everything else she has to do, like that essay for her class, or that sick family member, or the kids, and so on and so forth. For women, worrying comes naturally.

Hitting the gym has been shown to be the best stress reliever there is. We’re looking at endorphins again, but this time it’s because this feel-good hormone makes you relax and makes you feel that you can handle everything that’s stressing you out without an issue.

Taking the stress out of a woman’s life allows her to focus on sex again. It causes sex to be a priority rather than something that is pushed to the back of the list of things she has to do, and it’s all thanks to her hitting the gym.

Men, if you feel that your woman is stressed out then tell her that you’ll take care of things while she goes to the gym. Both of these kind suggestions mean you’ll get plenty of alone time with her later.


It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone wants an exciting sex life. Working out gives you the strength, stamina, and flexibility needed to fulfil these needs. Exercising helps you to look and feel young and attractive as well. This gives you more of a chance to score. Everything comes together to give you a better sex life. It’s way past time you started hitting the gym if you aren’t already.

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