The Benefits of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) for Male Enhancement

If you buy a male sexual enhancement supplement, chances are you will see MSM written on the ingredient label. What exactly is MSM and does it really help in enlarging penis size?

Methylsulfonylmethane – also known as MSM – is an organic form of sulfur, a mineral found abundantly in every living organism. It is also found in low concentrations in bodily fluids and tissues. MSM can be found naturally in many dietary sources including milk, meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables.

However, a lot of our natural MSM is lost due to the heating, drying, and processing of food. Eating more organic and unprocessed food is one option, while others choose to supplement with MSM.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

What Makes MSM Important?

If we have an MSM deficiency it means our body is unable to create all the healthy cells we need to overcome the harmful effects of unhealthy cells. The result is that we start to suffer from a range of illnesses, allergies, aches, pains, and impotency in some cases. The only way to correct the issue is to increase the count of healthy cells to eliminate the unhealthy cells.

As such, there are many positive health benefits associated with MSM, especially for people who suffer from illness and disease.

One of the best things about MSM is that it is completely natural, meaning that you get all of these positive health benefits with absolutely none of the side effects associated with synthetic medication.

On top of this, MSM helps the body to fully utilise any vitamins taken, which means that you will get the most out of any vitamins you take to boost vital functions including respiration, metabolism and digestion. It is even able to increase the effects of vitamins taken to boost sexual health. MSM can be found on the Amino Acid Chain.

If there isn’t enough MSM present within the body, it causes amino acids to continue building glands but without the power to create the proper enzymes.

To put it simply, this leaves you susceptible to catching illnesses. A lot of different ingredients are necessary for a healthy and happy body, with enzymes being one of the most important.

The Role MSM Plays in Penis Enlargement


As it was mentioned above, MSM contains sulfur and sulfur is an important ingredient in the production of collagen. Some people know collagen is important for their skin, but they don’t understand what makes it so important.

Collagen is a kind of insoluble fibrous protein present in the human body. It is the most important component of connective tissue fibrils and bones.

Sulfur basically works as a “tissue synthesiser”. It also works to active B vitamins, thiamine, vitamin C, biotin, and also Pantothenic Acid, which are all needed to keep the metabolism running and keep nerves and muscles healthy.

Sulfur is an important part of the tissue breathing process, which is when cells are built and energy is released through the use of substances such as oxygen.

Like any other gland and organ in the body, collagen is needed for the growth and development of reproductive organs, including the male penis. This means that one of the potential benefits of taking sulfur-rich MSM is a natural “enhancement” and enlargement of penis tissues.

The end result is an increase in length and thickness, as well as a boost to sexual desire and energy levels.

Research has also indicated MSM is able to provide a significant boost to blood circulation – which naturally means more blood flowing to the penis – reduce fatigue and back pain, allows the muscles and ligaments to rest and heal, boosts energy levels (including sexual drive), calms you mentally, and improves your ability to concentrate.

All of these different side effects come together to give you a complete package of better sexual performance and longer lasting sex sessions.

Therefore, when you consider the features and benefits of MSM, it has been classified as a very important, if not the most important, “sexual nutrients” needed to safely and healthily perform sexual functions.

However, given that MSM is destroyed quickly through the cooking/heating and food processing process, it’s best to use natural and safe herbal supplements containing high amounts of MSM such as Male Extra to boost your levels of this important amino acid.

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