2020’s Top 5 Fat Burner Supplements for Men

For anyone who made a new years’ resolution to get in shape in 2020, here are five of the best fat-burning supplements on the market for men, as well as important information everyone should know about fat burning supplements.

Fat Burner for Men Every guy looks much better with a ripped body, no matter their body type. It doesn’t matter if you’re a featherweight boxer or a heavyweight bodybuilder, having less fat and a toned six pack always looks great.

An effective fat burner can help you to reach your goals faster and build the body you want. If you’ve always been skinny and you’re worried about losing what little mass you do have, don’t worry about it. Burning fat away brings out your muscles and makes you look bigger as a result.

Good quality fat burners can help to:

  1. Eliminate fat and bring out muscle
  2. Increase energy levels for more effective workouts
  3. Get that “finished” look that can be difficult to obtain through dieting

There are three things that are necessary for losing fat and building a better physique. Those three things are eating clean, staying active, and using a good fat burner.

We’ve looked at diets and workouts in the past plenty of times, so today we’ll be focusing solely on fat burners; we’ll look at the ingredients you do and don’t want to see, how fat burners help to achieve a ripped physique, and we’ll have our own reviews and recommendations on the best fat burners for men.

Top 5 Best Fat Burners For Men

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into researching the ingredients of fat burners, the reputation of the company behind them, and what customers had to say about them. Here are the top five fat burners we found for men;

#1 CrazyBulk Clenbutrol

CrazyBulk Clenbutrol is designed to have a similar working process as celebrity sensation Clenbuterol and mimic its thermogenic, sports-enhancing properties. It burns through fat and boosts cardiovascular performance by increasing the transportation of oxygen. This means that you are better able to sculpt a lean body as effectively as if you were taking actual clenbuterol.

As a thermogenic, clenbutrol works to increase your internal body temperature. This causes an increase in the basic metabolic rate (BMR). A supercharged metabolism burns through stored fat to nourish your body with lots of energy. You’ll burn through fat and calories to leave behind the lean physique underneath.


#2 Cellucor SuperHD

Cellucor SuperHD SuperHD is made from a multi-dimensional formula that boosts energy, focus, and thermogenic power to create the ultimate tool for burning fat. Every capsule is made using the best ingredients in the world in effective doses to get you looking and feeling your very best. SuperHD is engineered for athletes that want to take their weight loss efforts to new levels.

Cellucor SuperHD is made from ingredients for energy that get you through tough workouts, nootropics to boost focus and motivation, and thermogenic power to literally turn your body into a fat burning machine. When you add all that together you’ve got a great weight loss supplement.


#3 Unaltered CLA

Unaltered CLA Unaltered CLA specifically targets visceral fat; that “stubborn belly fat” that refuses to go away. It is often the hardest type of fat to get rid of. With a fully dosed, heavy-duty 80% concentration of Unaltered CLA though, you’ll be able to burn through visceral fat like it was butter.

CLA has a unique effect on the PPAR molecular signaling receptors. This helps it to reduce inflammation and boost metabolism; which are both necessary for safe and effective weight loss. Unaltered CLA is also completely natural. It’s a form of fatty acid that contains no stimulants such as caffeine, which can lead to jitters and potential heart problems.


#4 Dr. Emil MaxBurn

Dr. Emil MaxBurn is formulated from a blend of thermogenic ingredients that have all been shown to increase fat burning, metabolism, and overall weight loss without harming lean muscle mass. It is made with the optimal dose of a range of natural energy boosters and appetite suppressors to control cravings and prevent jitters. The ingredients in the formula include apple cider vinegar, African mango, green tea extract, and raspberry ketones.

Dr. Emil Hodzovic, the name behind MaxBurn, has the unique distinction of being both a medical doctor and one of the most recognized authorities in nutrition and supplementation. That’s on top of being an accomplished pro bodybuilder.


#5 Legion Forge

Legion Forge promises to help you get rid of your love handles, tone your stomach, and get rid of fat around your waist. It helps to eliminate stubborn fat from your legs and butt as well and comes complete with a 60-day money back guarantee. The supplement is produced in the USA in a cGMP and NSF-certified facility. Legion Forge is made from all natural ingredients and is caffeine-free.

The fat burner contains a combination of choline, HMB, and Yohimbe to deliver on these promises. It is said to be better than BCAAs as it helps to quickly lose fat and have better workouts while still preserving muscle. BCAAs on the other hand only help to preserve muscle. Legion Forge is a fat burner that was designed to target stubborn fat and eliminate it.


How Do Fat Burners Work?

Most fat burners on the market use thermogenesis. They work by boosting metabolic rate, which basically means that your body burns through more calories in the course of a day. Your body continues burning calories and using more energy no matter what you do, even when sat on the couch or using your computer. It is the easiest and most effective way to get leaner and improve your physique quickly.

Appetite suppression is another key for success for advanced fat burners. These fat burners are formulated to reduce food cravings by making you feel fuller. This can be great when dieting and trying to eat clean. Anyone who has dieted for an extended amount of time knows how difficult it gets to avoid high-calorie foods, especially after tough workouts.

By boosting the basic metabolic rate and reducing how much food you eat, your body starts to burn through fat at a rapid pace. That’s what makes fat burners so effective and why they help you get rid of that stubborn fat that won’t go away.

What to Look for in a Good Fat Burner

It seems every supplement puts out a fat burner of their own. There are some release several different kinds, all of which claim to be able to give you a ripped physique.

Avoid looking at the promises and claims, and instead, focus on the ingredients. The ingredients are what will be doing all the work after all.

We’ve looked through lots of studies and discovered that the best, safest, and most effective ingredients in fat burners are natural ones;

  • Caffeine – increases energy levels so you stay active and burn calories
  • Green tea – there are many health benefits to green tea including burning fat. Green tea has been shown to increase the breakdown of fat and boost glucose utilization
  • Chili peppers – cayenne peppers, in particular, are packed with capsaicinoids which help to promote weight loss by boosting metabolism. It has also been shown to reduce appetite.
  • B-vitamins – B-vitamins are the most important vitamins for increasing metabolism and converting food to energy
  • Glucomannan – Glucomannan is a fiber derived from the konjac plant. It will expand in the stomach to help you feel full for longer to prevent cravings and reduce how much you eat.
  • Green coffee extract – Green coffee extract is among the best fat burning ingredients around. It is derived from unroasted coffee beans. Unroasted beans are rich in chlorogenic acid. Studies have shown that it prevents fat being absorbed and increases fat metabolism in the liver.
  • Forskolin – Forskolin has been shown to boost the release of fatty acids. It has also been shown to boost lean body mass and eliminate fat in obese people.

Proprietary Blends

We generally recommend that you stay away from supplements where the formula is hidden behind a proprietary blend. Avoiding proprietary blends is even more important if a supplement contains stimulants, as you need to know what you’re taking and how much of it you’re taking.

The products that we recommend in our list of “the best fat burners for men” are only for people that are in good health. If you suffer from any problems with your heart, kidney, or liver or have any other medical conditions, then we recommend that you avoid fat burners. We always recommend consulting your physician if you aren’t sure if fat burners would be a good fit for you or not.

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