4 Popular Options to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to satisfy his couple and himself is a huge disaster for man. If you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, here are some options you can try to recover from it.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

If you feel that you have erectile dysfunction then the first thing you need to do is have a consultation with your doctor about it. They can help diagnose the condition and will offer up a treatment plan based on the severity and cause of the condition, along with your current health.

In mild cases of ED, the condition can be treated by making lifestyle changes such as drinking and smoking less or losing a little weight.

There are other treatment options out there for more severe cases of erectile dysfunction including medications, counselling, pumps, and – in extreme cases – surgery.

4 Popular Options to Treat Erectile Dysfunction:

#1 Counseling

Counseling If the erectile dysfunction has been caused by a mental problem such as stress or anxiety, then receiving counseling from a professional therapist could be the right choice. Erectile dysfunction could be caused by everyday stress or a life-changing problem.

The therapist will be able to help you deal with your sexual anxiety and boost your confidence.

You could make erectile dysfunction a problem of the past after some sessions with the therapist. There are times you should consider including your partner in the therapy sessions as this can help the treatment process along.

#2 Medications

Counseling There are a number of medications for erectile dysfunction including oral medication, injections, and drugs that are designed to be inserted into the penis.

The common medications doctors prescribe for erectile dysfunction include Avanail (Stendra), Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadelafi (Cialis), and Vardeafil (Levitra, Staxyn). These medications are all swallowed with the exception of Staxyn, which dissolves in the mouth.

The pills are to be taken between 15 minutes and 36 hours before sexual activity. It’s also recommended that you avoid using them more than once in a day. Some of the common side effects from erectile dysfunction medications include stuffy noses, headaches, and muscle ache. A rarer side effect is your vision temporarily becoming shaded in blue-green.

You should inform your doctor about any medications you take and seek out medical help if you still your erection after four hours.

If the pills don’t work for you, or prove to be dangerous to your health, then you could be prescribed a drug known as alprostadil. This drug promotes blood flow to the penis, which – if you know anything about your penis – creates an erection within minutes.

The medication is offered in the form of an injection to the side of the penis, and as a suppository to be placed inside the penis. Taking it through injections comes with a higher risk of scarring and dangerously prolonged erections.

While there are over-the-counter “treatments” for erectile dysfunction, many of these can contain dangerous and undeclared ingredients. Be careful when taking any medication and stick to the treatment and advice your doctor offers.

#3 Vacuum Devices

Vacuum Devices Vacuum devices can be used to treat erectile dysfunction by boosting blood flow to the penis. They are made of three individual parts;

  • A transparent plastic tube for covering the penis
  • A pump that is operated by hand or powered by batteries; the pump sucks the air from the cylinder, causing blood to flow to the penis.
  • An elastic ring that fits around the base of the penis following an erection. The ring prevents the blood from draining back out of the penis and allows you to maintain an erection. The cock ring is particularly helpful for people suffering from venous leak syndrome.

When used properly, 80% of men are able to gain an erection that is hard enough to be used for sex. Vacuum devices are typically used for penis rehabilitation, typically after prostate surgery.

Your doctor may put you on a regimen to help you gain spontaneous erections to restore normal blood flow back to the penis. One thing to keep in mind is that it could be a few months before you see results.

Potential problems with this method include skin irritation, bruising, or a loss of feeling and sensitivity in the penis by the ring. It can also cause pain.

Vacuum devices can be used with or without prescriptions, but it is recommended that you talk to your doctor and get their advice before buying one.

#4 Surgery

Surgery Surgery is considered to be a last resort used only when other treatment methods have failed.

Operations for erectile dysfunction include:

  • The placement of a penis implant. This could be a malleable or inflatable implant.
  • Vascular reconstruction surgery; this surgery removes any blockage from blood vessels to allow blood to flow freely through the penis. It may also involve blocking veins to prevent blood from leaking out of the penis, depending on the kind of erectile dysfunction you have.

Having an implant fitted into your penis can potentially cause infections. I you have a urinary tract infection, skin infection, or a systemic infection, it’s advised that you avoid having an implant.

One warning about vascular reconstruction surgery is that repairing blood vessels will only work with small blockages. This option is a good choice for men with widespread blockages.

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