Scientists: Longer Penises Give Women More Orgasms, Proving Size DOES Matter!

Researchers discover that men with longer penises give women more frequent orgasms, proving size DOES matter! Also read more about what women feel is the ideal penis size for them.

Longer Penises Give Women More Orgasms, Proving Size DOES Matter

Most men will – at some point in their lives – worry about their penis size. Even though there is plenty of debate over whether or not bigger is really better, or if the motion in the ocean is more important, it would seem that science, as always, has the answer.

The latest research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine includes a study that shows men with longer penises are better able to give women vaginal orgasms, but not necessarily more clitoral orgasms.

The end result is still the same however; it seems that men that are more well-endowed give women more frequent orgasms.

The authors of the study explain their findings, saying that research shows that the orgasms a woman has during penetrative intercourse is influenced by fitness-related characteristics of their male partner. This includes the size of their penis, which is important for some women.

The research shows that women who prefer longer penises have more vaginal orgasms.

The researchers also stated that the orgasms being recorded occurred without much – if any – clitoral stimulation happening alongside the sexual intercourse.

The study reached this conclusion after asking women about how often they had sex, and what effect, if any, a penis that was larger than average had on the frequency of their orgasms.

The end result showed that, in regards to penis length, longer penises were concurrent with the number of orgasms the woman had. The longer the penis, the more orgasms.

The researchers behind the study explained their findings; stating that women who enjoy having deeper penetrative sex are more likely to be stimulated to the point of vaginal orgasm.

Their findings were consistent with the idea that the vaginal orgasm was developed as women would choose to mate with men that had larger-than-average penises that penetrated them deeper and stimulated them more.

The Ideal Penis Size According to Women

There is quite a bit of disconnect between what men believe about penis size, and the reality of the situation, as proven by a recent study undertaken by medical service

The research included polling over 2,000 men and women across the world on what they feel is the perfect sized penis. It showed that men in general feel that the ideal penis size is much larger than what women believe it to be.

The women involved in the study said that their ideal penis size is around 6.2 inches – or 15.8cm. The men, on the other hand, believe that the ideal penis length is around 6.8 inches – or 16.6cm.

The study also showed that there was some disconnect between what men believed the average penis size was and what women believe it was. The researchers found that men believe the average penis size is around 5.6 inches – or 14.1cm – while women believe it to be around 5.4 inches – or 13.8cm.

So, just what is the actual average penis size? Research puts it at around 5.2 inches (13.2cm). Research has also shown that the average penis size can vary by country, so you shouldn’t be too concerned if yours doesn’t match up to the average.

As far as penis perception around the world is concerned, Poland came in top for the perceived average penis length and the average ideal length at 6.14” (15.7cm) and 6.8” (17.3cm) respectively.

At the bottom of the list came the UK, where average penis length comes in at around 4.9” (12.4cm) and the perceived ideal length is 5.6”, or 14.2cm.

An interesting note from the study is that it showed most men are comfortable and happy with the size of their penis. Around half of the men surveyed – 44% – said that they were satisfied with the length of their penis, while 14% said that they were “very satisfied” with their penis size.

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