Viasil Review: Natural & Clinically-tested Erectile Dysfunction Formula

The supplement Viasil is made from 100% natural ingredients to offer a safe, clinically-tested erectile dysfunction formula. Viasil revolutionizes your sexual performance by improving sexual desire, increasing energy, supporting hard long-lasting, powerful erections as well as increasing endurance and stamina.

The supplement Viasil is made from 100% natural ingredients to offer a safe, clinically-tested erectile dysfunction formula. Viasil revolutionizes your sexual performance by improving sexual desire, increasing energy, supporting hard long-lasting, powerful erections as well as increasing endurance and stamina.

Viasil Review
  • Boost Bedroom Power – Gives you a healthy strong start in the bedroom because it allows you to harness the ATP reserves in muscles and show your partner how badly you want them.
  • Naturally Boost Endurance – With a powerful combination of sustained aerobic-derived energy and ATP synthesis in cells you’ll experience a natural endurance boost. Imagine letting your partner know just who is in control as you have the stamina and energy to keep going as long as you want.
  • Increase Energy Levels – You’ll have the power, drive, and confidence you need to take your newly powerful erection and enhanced libido and put it through its paces.
  • Keep Your Blood Pumping – Viasil increases nitric oxide production and improves blood vessel dilation to improve blood flow, giving you a stronger and more powerful erection. Increasing male hormone levels also means that you have stronger and more intense orgasms.

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Erectile dysfunction – classified as an inability to gain and maintain an erection firm enough to have sex – is more common than most men would like to believe. No doubt you’ve seen a lot of advertisements for supplements and herbs for erectile dysfunction that claim to “improve sexual performance”. The question is, do any of them work? Even if they do work, would they work for you and improve your performance?

Around half of all men aged between 40 and 70 have some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). Even so, only around 1 in 10 have a complete inability to get an erection. Taking ED drugs creates an erection for you so that you can have sex. They work for around 70% of otherwise healthy men.

What is Viasil and How Does it Work?

Viasil is a completely all-natural supplement designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction and improve the overall sex life of users by boosting the production of adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. ATP is the primary source of energy for cells in the body.

ATP production is closely related to energy levels and stamina levels. It works to improve the levels of nitric oxide in your bloodstream. This nitric oxide pushes blood through your body by dilating blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow freer and faster throughout your body. Given that erections happen when blood enters the penis, you can see how this results in firmer, longer-lasting erections.

Thanks to Viasil, your blood will be better able to provide your cells with the oxygen they need to function properly. There are many benefits to taking the supplement; benefits that affect your whole body and not just your lower extremities. It improves cognitive function and makes it easier for you to build muscle.

Viasil Ingredients

Viasil is made from a unique combination of natural ingredients, including a dual-action system that targets both short-term and long-term energy systems. It works to improve energy, endurance, strength, and vitality.

The supplement combines pomegranate and citrus to give your body an instant boost of ATP and nitric oxide, which are both necessary for boosting mitochondrial action and blood flow – which is what you need to get a solid erection and the stamina to last all night long.

Unlike other supplements that trigger a false chemical reaction that won’t last very long, Viasil works to support your body as it does what it does naturally. It doesn’t so much give you an erection as make it easier for your body to naturally get one. It tackles the problem at the root cause.

Your body already naturally produces ATP and nitric oxide. The problem is that production levels can be affected by age and stress. Constant exposure to free radicals can also damage blood vessels, which makes it more difficult for them to dilate so that blood passes through easily.

That’s why Viasil is as beneficial as it is. It helps to support your natural energy systems by potentially bolstering the production of ATP and nitric oxide. These two elements nourish your body with energy and ensure that blood flows through your system efficiently.

You’ll instantly benefit from stronger, healthier erections once there’s nothing preventing your penis from getting the blood it needs for an erection and strong performance.

In a similar vein, the use of antioxidants and vitamin-enriched ingredients helps to stimulate better vitality, strength, performance, and energy.

The supplement is made from powerful natural products. It is this potent blend of ingredients that makes Viasil so effective and safe.

Here’s a complete list of the ingredients in the supplement – and what they do;

Epimedium Brevocorum (Horny Goat Weed)

Horny goat weed is packed full of lacarrin, which prevents the release of PDE5. PDE5 is a compound that can reduce blood flow.

By eliminating PDE5 and keeping it out of your system, you’ll have better circulation and nerve stimulation, not to mention bolstered male hormone levels and an increase in arousal and sexual desire.


Zinc is an important part of the protein synthesis process. Boosting protein synthesis restores healthy levels of male hormones that influence reproduction and fertility.

Zinc helps to support the healthy maintenance of the body as it helps to speed up cell recovery and increase sperm production. You’ll have longer-lasting and more powerful ejaculations.

Citrus Sinensis

Citrus sinensis both blocks protons from leaking out of mitochondria and boosts cell respiration, improving ATP production so that you’ve got the energy you need when you need it most. It is also packed full of flavonoids that help to stimulate nitrous oxide production. With more NO flowing through your system you’ll get better blood flow as blood vessels dilate and expand.

Together with vitamin C in Citrus Sinensis, this all comes together to ensure that your blood vessels are healthy so you have stronger, longer-lasting erections. The fruit also increases the amount of O2 made available to muscle cells, so you’ve got the energy and stamina to make the most out of your erection.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba supports blood flow to the penis by improving the production of nitric oxide and helping blood vessels dilate. It maximizes blood circulation to the penis and improves sexual desire.

Ginkgo is also rich in flavonoids and terpenoids, which have strong antioxidant effects that prevent free radical damage to blood vessels and other healthy tissues. With some help from gingko, your blood vessels will dilate properly when you are aroused so you can achieve an erection.

Another potential benefit of gingko is that it reduces anxiety. Anxiety can be related to erectile dysfunction and is a possible cause. By eliminating the anxiety you’ll be able to perform at your absolute best with confidence.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris can improve sex drive and libido by normalizing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It also normalizes hormone levels. These effects work together to increase libido and sexual desire.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng root extract reportedly has the ability to improve overall sexual performance and reduce stress. This is likely due to the high concentration of ginsenosides it holds. These ginsenosides are able to improve awareness, concentration, endurance, and sexual desire while also reducing anxiety which, as mentioned before, can impair bedroom performance.


Packed full of polyphenols and nitrate, pomegranate boosts nitric oxide production, which improves blood vessel health and also improves circulation. The polyphenols also encourage the mitochondria to absorb and use substrate, which increases energy levels.

Pomegranate is also rich in anti-oxidants – in particular, ellagic acid, anthocyanins, and tannins. These antioxidants work to improve heart function by lowering triglyceride levels.

By boosting male hormone levels and preventing free radicals from stemming blood flow, it could improve your ability to maintain an erection while also making it easier to develop muscle mass.

Dosage and Side Effects

In order to get the best possible results from the supplement, it’s recommended to take it at least half an hour before engaging in sexual activity. The manufacturer also recommends that you avoid taking the supplement for 3 – 4 months between cycles.

It’s easy enough to follow the right dosage for the supplement. It is available as a tablet form to be taken twice a day – once in the morning and again at night – with lukewarm water.

Dietary Restrictions

There’s no need to stick to any dietary restrictions while using Viasil. All you need to do is make sure that you eat a balanced diet. You can work out your own calorie and nutrient intake needs or have a nutritionist work it out for you.

It’s also recommended that you avoid consuming alcohol while using the supplement. Alcohol can prevent the supplement from working effectively. Keep these instructions in mind and you’ll get the results you want.

Viasil Side Effects

Given that Viasil is a natural supplement made from organic natural ingredients, it is considered perfectly safe to use. There are no documented side effects of using the supplement.

Price – Refund Policy and Money Back Guarantee

Each pack of Viasil includes 10 tablets and costs £54.99 to purchase. If you purchase two packs you’ll get a third pack free. That deal will cost you £109.99.

There’s also the option to purchase 30 tablets and get 20 free, which costs £159.99.

If you aren’t happy with the product and the results it offers, then feel free to return any unopened packs of the supplement within 67 days of delivery. You’ll get a complete no-questions-asked refund. Given that shipping is free on all orders, you won’t lose out on anything.

Conclusion: Should I Take Viasil?

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you should always understand the root cause before looking for outside help. The problem could be caused by stress, a lack of sleep, or poor diet. The good news is that all of those problems are easy enough to fix.

However, if the problem persists and doesn’t go away, then Viasil would be a better alternative than other drugs and supplements for erectile dysfunction. Not only is the supplement made from natural – and therefore harmless – ingredients, but the ingredients have been used for centuries to boost libido and sex drive.

They have all been clinically studied and proven to be effective at what they claim to do.

If you aren’t able to satisfy your partner for whatever reason, you should give Viasil a go. It will improve your sexual health and make you feel more like a man than ever before.

Satisfy your partner and yourself, restore your lost confidence, and get rid of the embarrassment that comes with having erectile dysfunction.

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