What is a “Soy Boy”? Is Soy Truly Feminizing Men?

The slang term “soy boy” has gained a lot of popularity on social media recently. The term is commonly used to describe men that lack masculine characteristics. Calling someone a “soy boy” is similar to calling them a “cuck”.

The term has certainly found more momentum in the right-wing community, which is considered an insult by their opposition in the left-wing community. We’re not here to discuss politics though. We’re here to look at the science and facts behind so-called “soy boys”.

History of Soy Boy

The history of Soy Boy being used as a pejorative term can be traced back to the television/film board of 4Chan. It was first used on April 18th, 2017, and picked up from there.

Urban Dictionary user Sandman_Attual submitted a definition for the term on June 22nd, 2017, defining it as the “slang used to describe a lazy man who completely and utterly lacks all necessary masculine qualities.”

Later on, in 2017, YouTuber LowRes_ Wünderbred uploaded a comedy sketch entitled “S O Y B O Y”. The video went viral but was later removed from YouTube.

The “Soy Boy” trend has continued through celebrity social media profiles, memes, Twitter, Facebook, and other online outlets. Another video, this one uploaded by Paul Joseph Watson, also went viral.

The Research Behind Soy Boy

It seems that those who use the term Soy Boy as an insult could have a good reason for doing so. The term appears to be backed up by research into soy products. Research published back in November 2009 shows that soy products have the second-highest relative levels of phytoestrogens after nuts and oilseeds.

Phytoestrogens – as described in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health – are present in some edible plants and are most abundant in soy products. These phytoestrogens are similar in form and function to actual estrogen.

Feminizing men
Feminizing men. (Illustration)

There have been a number of reports about how consuming soy has caused changes in gender-related behavior (or feminization) in humans.

Ingesting phytoestrogens has been observed in animals to impact fertility, as well as sexual development and behavior. The feminizing effects in humans are often subtle and can only be seen when looking at the statistics of a large population where the difference is more noticeable.

Phytoestrogens are also used as a natural alternative to estrogen for treating menopause through hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen is the primary female hormone. It is the female version of testosterone, responsible for developing and regulating female reproductive systems and secondary sexual characteristics.

Other research – also published in November 2015 in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health – suggests that the number of male prosthesis surgeries (such as penis enhancements) may be an indicator of a drop in sperm quality and male fecundity.

To put it in simple terms, consuming say products can make the male body produce more female hormones. This brings about a change in their attitude and mentality, making it more feminine. While estroginizing effects might be good for women, they are obviously bad for men.

This is the origin of the term Soy Boy, which is used to describe men that have experienced this emasculation.

Outside of triggering hormonal distress (feminizing men) and decreasing male fertility, eating soy products has been linked to gastrointestinal distress.

Needless to say, being associated with the sounds and smells of flatulence is hardly going to do a man good no matter what he is trying to do; whether that is exercising, conducting business, or attempting to seduce a partner.

Whether you believe in the phenotypic changes associated with the stereotypically weak man who consumes a lot of soy, the reasons that we’ve listed above should be cause enough to avoid soy products yourself.

Apart from how the right use the term Soy Boy to satisfy the left, one shouldn’t be offended by the facts from research and studies done into soy and how it affects the male body. If you’re experiencing an emasculation and want to do something about it, then perhaps you should do a little research of your own into Soy Boys.

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